Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Surprise

My machine has been out of commission for almost three weeks.  Every time I plan a trip to the repair shop, we get another snow storm.   Ugh!  

I have been keeping busy with hand binding, project fabric pulls and charm pack arranging on the design wall; but, I had so many planned projects and I am getting behind. EEK!

I have been telling friends that I have been going through "withdrawl" not being able to (machine) sew.   I guess I've been a bit crabby, too. 

In the midst of Winter Storm Nika, I received a tracking email that a shipment was on it's way; but I hadn't ordered anything.  Shortly after the email, I received a phone call.  Apparently, my valentine decided to remedy my 'unhappy' state with an early Valentine's gift.  During the call he jokingly said, "It would have been a lot easier (and cheaper) if you were a flowers and chocolate kinda girl."  Hahaha! (Still laughing about this statement.)  I think that cut flowers are a waste because they die so quickly, and I'm really not that into chocolate.  He knows me so well! 

To say I was surprised is an understatement!  I am still in awe that he knew what to get because it's not like you can go into a store and discuss it with a sales person.   PLUS, because he's traveling, I knew we wouldn't see each other until well after Valentine's Day.  Honestly, I got him a card and thought I'd make us dinner when he gets back.   I wasn't really expecting to exchanges gifts, let alone receive something this BIG.  WOW!  I guess I need to rethink my plan.  LOL!

THIS arrived yesterday! 

Receiving THIS, on top of receiving my valentine's gift a whole week early, made for one VERY happy, and lucky, girl!  I stayed up last night while watching the opening ceremonies to set it up to get ready for some selfish sewing today.  YEAH!

A special THANK YOU to my dear Valentine for this amazing gift!!  

I am now off to create!  Stop back to see what fun things I make with this machine.



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