Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Marine T-Shirt Quilts -- UPDATE

Sorry for the delay, but.....Here they are!

Quilt #1:
Marine T-shirt Quilt #1

This middle one is the one his dad's class designed and printed for him.
Some cool shirts!

Marine T-shirt Quilt #1 -- the back
(Jubilee in Red by Kathy Hall for Andover Fabrics Inc)

Marine T-shirt Quilt #1

It was very hard to photograph this one because it was so large (king size).  

I presented this quilt to my friend about a month ago, and he loves it.  I have made quilts and given them as gifts before.  But the look of pure joy and appreciation on his face when he saw this quilt for the first time (remember I was keeping it a secret) will forever be imprinted in my brain.  He posted photos of it on facebook and his mom wrote "A beautiful and touching work of art! A masterpiece."  Aww, that's so sweet.  I am so touched!

Quilt #2:
Marine T-shirt Quilt #2 -- the back

Marine T-shirt Quilt #2

This second quilt was a bit more manageable to both sew together and photograph.  I think he will use this one often.  I love the use of his actual cammies for the borders. 

When presenting this one recently, I was again surprised by how genuinely appreciative he was for this gift.  He commented how he really liked the back fabric.  After he posted the photos of this one, his mom wrote "You are one very fortunate Marine who has a friend who can create such a treasured work of art...".  WOW!  I am in awe that these quilts are being referred to as art.  As sewists and quilters, we love doing what we do, but forget sometimes that the items we create are in fact works of art.  

These quilts were definitely labors of love and a very rewarding experience.  I am so thankful to my friend for entrusting me with the care of his memories.  Special thanks to him for his service, sacrifice and valor in the United States Marine Corps.  

Now off to work on those WIPs for Christmas gifts.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Just Beachie

I took a class at my LQS, Pennington Quilt Works, in the spring for Scrappy Trip Around the World.  I love this method!

This is my finished quilt!

I modified the "pattern" slightly as I made my borders larger.  The colors remind me of the beach.  I took it with me to the Jersey shore this fall to take some photos.  It was hard to take the photos with the wind and being by myself, but they turned out OK.

Then a few weeks ago I bribed my nephew into helping me at a local park.

You can see the different fabrics better in this photo.

This one is a Christmas gift for a friend.  I am working on two others in different colors to give as gifts for next year.

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